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Что необходимо проверить перед использованием гидравлического вилочного погрузчика

Что необходимо проверить перед использованием гидравлического вилочного погрузчика

  • 2023-05-03
The condition of a forklift is to some extent related to the safety of the driver. Drivers should strictly wear work clothes in accordance with regulations before operation. It is prohibited to work shirtless, barefoot, wearing high heels and sandals. Checking forklifts before and after work is also a responsibility for the safety of others.
(1) When does it need to be checked?
Long term use of forklifts can lead to fatigue and wear. A good inspection can ensure that the forklift will not malfunction or suffer severe wear and tear in its next use. So when does it need to be checked? Strict inspection before and after use of forklifts can effectively ensure their normal use.
(2) Who should take the exam?
Operated by drivers or maintenance personnel. Of course, these are all technical inspections. Forklift managers also need to consider patrols as a rule and habit, which is very important.
(3) What should forklift maintenance personnel inspect?
The items inspected by forklift maintenance personnel include:
(1) The general condition and cleanliness of hydraulic forklifts include forklift wheels. If it is a riding forklift such as an internal combustion forklift, it is also necessary to check whether the tires are normal and whether the air is sufficient; If it is a small wheel forklift, such as an electric stacker, pallet truck, etc. Pay attention to any rags on the wheels.
(2) Check if there are any major obstacles in the work area that could cause forklift accidents
(3) It is important to have sufficient fire extinguishers around the hydraulic forklift and ensure that they are in normal working condition, especially in the charging and working areas of the forklift.
(4) Pay attention to the level of diesel or gasoline in the engine and the water level in the radiator. This ensures the normal heat dissipation of the forklift during use. This article is applicable to hydraulic forklifts.
(5) Hydraulic forklifts need to pay attention to the safety of the charging area, whether there are exposed wires, whether the plug connection is intact, and whether the circuit is severely worn.
(6) Ослаблены ли болты и гайки, ослаблена ли защита верхней крышки погрузчика, исправны ли цепи и маслопроводы.
(7) Плохая ли обзорность колеса и нормальное ли давление воздуха?

(8) Правильно ли работает звуковой сигнал гидравлического вилочного погрузчика, а также исправно ли работают другие сигнальные устройства и сигнальные лампы.

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